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Price: $19,500



Built like a studio. Priced like a shed. 


Often what we really need is just some quiet space for an office, a place to relax, or an art or music studio.

We can deliver a studio-quality room at an unbeatable price. 

We are proud to offer our turn-key insulated studio kit as low as $19,500 + tax. 

Designed as a 120 square foot backyard “shed” kit. These are not like any shed you’ve seen before. TinyComb Homes are quiet, cozy, and weather-sealed upon installation. Our highly insulated panels are sound-absorbing and 50% more energy efficient than traditional stick construction. Other sheds have NO insulation. Therefore you must pay to have it installed after it’s built or you can do it yourself, either way costing more time and money. Then, there are more steps to a quality finish of the project such as drywall, caulking, paint, etc. By contrast, ours arrives flat packed, painted your choice of color, and finished down to the smallest detail. Instructions and videos are provided to show you how easy it is to set up!

How pricing works:

Each component is individually priced and can be sold separately or as a kit. The price of your kit is the sum of each component with any upgrades in your custom package.

Your standard kit starts as low as $16,500 and includes a complete single unit (roof, platform, and walls) with one door (with options,) two windows (with options,) and one standard electrical floor outlet.  Beyond the standard options, customization and upgrades are available and priced accordingly.


What's next? How Ordering Works:


  1. Once we receive your information we reach out to you to learn more about your idea and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Next, we establish the combination of components you would like in your kit and whether or not you will be selecting any upgrades from the standard kit options.
  3. Then we provide you with a quote. 
  4. You review it and we make any revisions if necessary until approved.
  5. Once you absolutely love it, we send your invoice, which includes the deposit amount required.(Deposit = 50% of kit price before taxes. $9,750 for standard kits.) 
  6. After receiving deposit, we get to work! 
  7. As we initiate production we take a bit more time with you to select windows, doors or finishes, then the deposit is accepted and we will continue to work with you through finalization of options and customization.
  8. A final invoice is sent for your approval. 
  9. When the remaing balance is received, your custom design is finished to specification and inspected.
  10. We notify you when your order is ready for pick up or delivery! 



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