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These prices are based on one single cell unit. They may change to respond to current costs and supply. We can provide you with a proposal now on an individual basis. Browse and then fill out the inquiry form below. We'll check in with you to answer all your questions and help you design your Geocomb Home!


The price for your project will be based on the number of cells (cell=120 sq. ft. hexagonal unit), and the set of components and options you pick. Each component has choices for materials and finishes, plus add-on features that will influence the total. Estimates vary when linking cells according to the number of interior walls, doors openings, plus the add-on kitchen and bathroom, etc. modules desired.

Orders are quoted individually by consultation. Begin online here, or by phone, by telling us a few detals about your project. Then we'll work together to choose from a list of items and options and customizations.

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Model versions:

  • Fire Resistant
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • TinyHomes and Cabins
  • State Certified Factory Built Homes or ADU.

Fire Resistant

Made with all non-flamable exterior and frame materials - starts around $34,500 per "cell", assuming 1 door and 3 windows per cell.

Hurricane Resistant

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions - starts around $36,500 per "cell", assuming 1 door and 2 windows per cell.

Certified Factory Built Homes and ADU

A State Certified Home or Accessory Dwelling Unit starts around $34,500 per "cell", assuming 1 door and 2 windows per cell.

TinyCombs and Cabins

The cost of a TinyHome starts around $26,000 per "cell", assuming 1 door and 3 windows.


Kitchen, Bath, and Closet

Drop-in kitchen and lavatory modules will start around $900. - $1200 each. Showers and closets should begin about $1100 with a wide range of materials, finishes, and fixture upgrades available. We can fulfill most custom requests.

Accessory Components

We offer a growing number of high quality components and options to build out your Toolkit for Sustalnable Off-Grid Living.


Tell us below a little about the location, and how you would use it.

We'll help you choose the perfect set of components for your Geocomb Home, ADU, or TinyComb.




Whether you are just curious to explore some ideas, or ready to get a detailed quote you can begin by telling us a few things below. If you feel like sharing the unique ideas that Geocomb inspires when you think of your dreams and all the possibilities — whatever you can envision for using Geocomb — we would love to know! And it also helps support our business! Whether you are just curious, love the idea, or are ready to order, it's a helpful and easy way to show support or get started!

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Each 120 sq. ft. platform with any wall, door, opening, or window, and roof combo is a unit.
Tell us a little about the location your GeoComb would be placed. Is it level, sloped, backyard, rural, etc.
In a few words, will this be an extra bedroom, an ADU, a cabin in the country, etc
If budget and land weren't an issue, what size would it be and what other features would you want? What kind of extras would you like to add?

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