GeoComb Homes Inc

Looking for a game changing opportunity with a great company?

This breakthrough business model we expect will accelerate sustainabile living and transform large segments of the housing industry. Our suite of services and products can become the backbone of a new way of doing things.

Let's work together to make a regenerative world happen.

We intend to provide turn key building designs and systems for solving real world critical housing issues we face on a less predictable planet. As brilliant as we are, we'll need your talent and effort as well in this enterprise to make that kind of difference. Join us. Let's connect to produce the ways and means to scale systems for rapid and resilient sustainability.

There is huge unmet need for an affordable housing solution that provides rapid roll-out while supplying sustainable living products in a large range of markets and localities world wide. While creating a successful business, it is our highest priority to cultivate a transformative business culture and model built on human and environmental empowerment, profit sharing, and an economic partnership with the customers and communities where GeoComb Homes are made, sold, and used. We are excited to be growing a Company to anchor a Community of co-creators and entrepreneurs. We think it is life affirming to share the fruits of abundance and opportunity.


8 Principles of a Regenerative Economy

Business in a Regenerative Economy

Do profit sharing and workplace democracy call to you?

Great, it's the plan.

Are you interested in building a worker owned company?

Perfect, that's our business model!

So, you would you like to become some part of creating these amazing new products and the community we'll need in order to realize the livable, affordable, and beautiful future we are capable of imagining?

We're looking for you!

Or, maybe you have a service, product, or idea to offer in our GeoCombUnity Vendor selections?

Awesome, someone's going to be happy to find you!

Credit: Capital Institute: 8 Principles of a Regenerative Economy


This listing will be expanded with more specific jobs, opportunities, and timelines

Founding Sponsors

Production Launch of our initial product offerings will be anchored by Founding Sponsors. They may be chosen from Early Bee pre-order applicants who want to earn passive income or another contact source. By sponsoring Seed Funds for the final development of the production prototypes these Founding Sponsors will be offered reward choices including profit sharing or royalies on sales of the models they pre-order and/or Sponsor. Terms will be individually negotiated.

Core Business Team

Operations will commence in phases. This means that these positions will be filled over time as the business requires. Because the workload and responsibilities will increase and diversify while we ramp up to full operations our hiring will reflect this. Notices will be posted here and sent to you if we have your contact information entered below on file.

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Logistics ERP
  • Project Management Team
  • Delivery and Installation Team
  • Service and Support Team

Licensing and Distributors

We will be accepting licensing and distribution partners for various regions and market segments.

General Contractors

A network of General Contractor Partners will be cultivated for project management, delivery, installation, and services.

Affiliate Partners

Individuals and companies building a business serving a local or niche market segment are invited to become affiliated partners.

Independent Craftspeople

Carpenters, consultants, designers, and vendors are invited to offer their services and products through our GeoCombUnity exchange portal. This will be where your item can be added to a shopping cart, or contracted directly for approved services.

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Let's get a few bits of information handled, then we'd love to hear about you and what inspires your interest in this Vision.

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