GeoComb Begins Active Development

Progress Report:

GeoComb has begun the Prototype design and construction phase. This is very exciting, as it is the most significant milestone on the path to realizing the GeoComb Homes Mission. Now we'll get to see the late night sketches and long held ideas take shape.

Many issues and details will be worked through during this process. The production design and manufacturing drawings will proceed in conjunction with the testing and tooling information developed  in the prototype process.

The proof of concept model will be built, and then assembled, on a beautiful spot of land in the mountains above Santa Barbara, California. Special thanks go to Ishmiel and the Lounsbury Family for sponsoring and otherwise supporting this crucial Prototype sprint. GeoComb Homes will be seeded and greatly benefitted by their generousity and vision of a healing world. Thanks go out also to all my community and family fo their support, and for showing such curiosity and excitment about this project. All of you have been a great reflecting pool. This Vision is for you.


All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.