Thank You Santa Barbara!

Welcome New Subscribers!

Thank you Santa Barbara for showing up to support this vision and making the 2nd Annual Housing Santa Barbara Day a great success. We have received many inquiries with the help of our amazing local friends the Santa Barbara Independent and Santa Barbara City Housing Authority. We are excited to work with the Santa Barbara community to support affordable housing and ADU solutions.

Welcome to all Early Bees and Early Adopter Candidates!  We are looking forward to following up and finding how GeoComb Homes can bring solutions and fulfilment to your housing dreams. The range of uses, settings and visions you have shared definitely shows us how many ways GeoComb Homes can make a difference in many lives with very different situations.

Ideas range from a simple backyard refuge to an intentional rural community to a storable mountain vacation cabin. We certainly love designing GeoComb Homes, but we will enjoy helping you build your dreams the most! Thank you for your part in moving this forward by showing your interest in GeoComb Homes.

We will be reaching out to all of our new Early Bees individually soon to help you bring your vision into sharper focus. We'll get to answer your questions to define the scope and pricing for each Early Adopter order.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Be an Early Bee...



All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.