Prototype Complete and Next Steps

The GeoComb Prototype is complete and is a great success!

A great team of friends assembled the first GeoComb Home last fall with finishing touches in January. We were able to set it up in only a couple of hours as we hoped. It has been reported as the most comfortable housing on the land where it sits on property near the ridge above Santa Barbara. It stays warmest on cold days and coolest in those sweltering mountain heat waves. We learned so much building it and many improvements are being integrated into the design. As soon as the patents have been submitted for review we can publish the design details and post our videos of the prototype setup.

We are currently in talks with manufacturing partners for the components. This is a very exciting time as we see the launch moving closer. The "GeoComb Homes" business entity has been created as a sole proprietorship with a plan to incorporate before the first units are delivered. We'll be posting much more often from now on, and ramping up the outreach strategy. These are good times to offer solutions that provide needed affordable housing and manufacturing with sustainable materials. The Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations are going into place. Applications are surging statewide. Southern California will be our entry market for private residential applications. We will be creating a non-profit entity to work with governmental bodies and foundations to provide affordable housing and Relief Shelter.

We will be posting an Opportunities Page this week for those interested in joining the team or collaborating in other ways. Early Adopters -  those wanting to get special discounts opportunities in exchange for participating in research interviews and 100% and 75% deposits - should get signed up soon since production will be starting within a few weeks.

Thanks for your interest!



All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.