Choices in a Changing World

GeoComb Homes Outlook for November 2020

Like most businesses in these times, we are continuing to evaluate and plan in the midst of uncertainty. While contemplating a new business this year we have found it necessary to consider emerging events and trends to make sure that our launch strategy can be realistic and successful. Over the course of the Covid-19 isolation orders and economic impacts there have been a number of pre-order applicants who understandably needed to cancel or postpone their projects. In addition, supply chain and pricing issues have arisen for all of us in manufacturing. We have continued to adjust our business model and start up plans accordingly.

Our Launch Strategy has shifted. Early Bee Pre-order Discount Offers have been replaced. Our path to the public release of our initial product offerings will instead be anchored by Founding Prototype Sponsors who will be invited to support the final development of the first model in their category. These Seed Founders will be rewarded with royalty contracts on sales of the model version they pre-order and fund. Founding Sponsors can be individuals, businesses, or partnerships. has added a lot of new information and pictures, go take a look! Fire Resistant and Hurricane Resistant designs are in progress. We are gearing up to offer Rapid Replacement and Renewal Services to communities impacted by fires, storms, and flooding. Additionally we will be releasing a version optimized for ultra-affordable housing to alleviate acute shelter shortages. We are creating a non-profit organization to serve the need for ultra-affordable shelter for tiny house villages and other public/private partnerships.

We have incorporated in California and The Bahamas. We expect to open for business in California, Oregon, and The Bahamas during 2021. We are planning to open with 5 model types. Check the link for estimated pricing.

 5 model versions:

  1. Fire Resistant
  2. Hurricane Resistant
  3. TinyHomes and Cabins
  4. State Certified Factory Built Home or ADU
  5. HUD Certified Manufactured Housing ("mobile homes")
Let us know right away if you or someone you know are interested in participating in this new launch strategy. You'll see links to feature articles about what we have planned ahead right here in GeoComb News.

You can reply to this email to ask questions and get more info.

   -The GeoComb Homes Team



All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.