Design and Details

GeoComb Homes are built with light weight sections of platform, walls, windows, doors, kitchen, bath, and roof that are each carried into place easily by two people. A team of 3 or more can move them into position to be assembled into a variety of shapes and configurations with a few hand tools in a few hours.

It starts with a one-cell unit, one level or stacked. More "cells" can be instantly connected into multi-room "honeycomb" arrangments. The interchangeable and interlocking walls, roof, windows, and doors make adding more rooms (or removing them) and designing your floor plan fun and easy. Chains of Geocomb with connected clusters like the ones shown below are just some examples of the versatility of this method. Not yet pictured are the great deck components and the gray water, wind and solar power, and other additions to the off grid sustainability vision we are creating.

The wall and roof components are made of metal reinforced Structural Insulated Panels - a sandwich of rigid foam and sheathing of OSB, MgO, or plywood, and/or skins of wood paneling or MgO, This new generation material is weatherproof as is, and can be painted, textured, or stained. It is fireproof, waterproof, and structural - so the entire home can be fabricated and bult using fire and flood resistant methods and materials when required.

A range of floor, wall, and ceiling skin choices can be available to suit your tastes.Quick-release kitchen, bathroom, and closet additions complete your home package. Standard roofing is EPDM rubber sheeting with options for copper or sheetmetal, and eaves, skylights, and solar integration. We are in the process of choosing additional products and vendors to be integrated into GeoComb Homes. Illustrations of these features will be posted as the specific products are added to our offerings.

It is weather sealed and cozy as soon as it is assembled with no caulk or nails.

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The time has come to fulfill our mission to provide access to affordable, sustainable living.

ADU Information


Accessory Dwelling Units

An ADU is a self-contained, smaller living unit on the lot of a single-family home. They can be separate like a "granny flat" or attached to the primary house, such as an above-the-garage type, or a basement unit. A GeoComb ADU Home  is an easy way for homeowners to create quality large or small living space for additional family, rental income, or an additional cottage for private home and hospice care. GeoComb offers the kind of flexibility that is becoming imperative in today’s world to accommodate fluctuating work schedules, economic swings, and alternative living arrangements, even home isolation and quarantine.

Many people with a home and a yard are finding the bills and mortgage too often still a stretch. You may want to install some additional living space under the local ADU provisions, but that usually means you face a long and stressful process with an Architect, permits, and unpredictable cost estimates. That's usually followed by the long, messy construction process. The result is a product that is expensive to build, expand, or alter. And of course, it's impossible to sell it separately or move it later if desired.

It's easy and fast to build a GeoComb ADU Home.

By choosing a Certified GeoComb Home you can usually sail through the permits and the construction headache. Install a beautiful and customized set of components that can be altered at will. It can even be removed completely intact and relocated or sold. We work with your local contractor to help you set up the utilities for your GeoComb ADU. We can help you find one, too.

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Hurricane Resistant Housing

It is the founding mission of GeoComb Homes to provide for the supply and installation of temporary or semi-permanent resilient and secure homes that serve as permanent housing and relief shelter as needed. We develop products and services optimized to address issues impacting populations and areas from hurricane, flood, fire, and snow load conditions.

Relief Shelter and Support

The escalating rates of dislocation and migration of populations due to Climate Disruption, natural disasters, political and social strife, and other hardship are straining the logistics of relief infrastructure.

This will likely continue to worsen for the forseeable future. Current solutions for relief shelter are not designed for creating viable communities with adequate facilities to support recovery of sustainable community. They are instead usually set up as a “holding” location instead of a Life Support Recovery System. Hotel rooms are costly and tent encampments are ucomfortable or not secure. These methods concentrate the displaced population far from their home thereby making rebuilding their housing, community and life more difficult. When they return home, they often still need to repair or build new housing and have lodging while rebuilding.

Solution: GeoComb Shelter Systems (GSS)

Sustainability Partnerships

 GeoComb Sustainability Partners (GSP) will be organized as a separate non-profit corporation to specifically serve the shelter needs people are facing every year while building up the networks and infrastructure of a sustainable future. Our mission: to make Low Impact Housing For All possible worldwide. We can do this by bringing forth simple, scalable, and sustainable technology for living on this increasingly unpredictable planet.


All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.