Founding Sponsors

Prototype Seed Funding

Our Launch Strategy has shifted. Early Bee pre-ordering as a group has been postponed and replaced with a new offer. Production of our initial product offerings will instead be anchored by Founding Sponsors. These are anticipated to be chosen from Early Bee pre-order applicants who will be invited to earn passive income. In return for supplying funds for the final development of the model in their category these founding sponsors will be offered contracts for royalies or profit sharing on sales of the model version they pre-order and/or fund. Founding Sponsors can be individuals, businesses, or partnerships. Details of specific proposals will be negotiated in your private consultations.

In addition, we are considering plans to offer profit sharing and other rewards to contributors to a crowd funding campaign. Details will be posted here and published in the GeoComb Newsletter.

If you are interested in these and other opportunities with GeoComb Homes Inc let us hear from you. We working to assemble a suite of start-up funding components.

Founding Sponsor Applicant Terms and Conditions
Please fill out the form below to apply and to pre-order.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss other options.

Inquiry Form

Each 120 sq. ft. platform with any wall, door, opening, or window, and roof combo is a unit.
Will you need a permit for your installation and therefore HUD or State certified components under local building codes? Select "No" if you are choosing TinyComb components for un-permitted use of similar quality but without the added cost of 3rd Party Certification.
In a few words, will this be an extra bedroom, an ADU, a cabin in the country, etc
Tell us a little about the location your GeoComb would be placed. Is it level, sloped, backyard, rural, etc.
If budget and land weren't an issue, what size would it be and what other features would you want? What kind of extras would you like to add?

All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.