Fire Resistant Shelter


Be Safer in Fire Zones


GeoComb Homes is designing houses made with non-combustible panels with metal or Magnesium Oxide (MgO) skins and trim for flame resistance.

MgO is similar to, but superior to, cement boards. Feel safer in a fire-resistantf set of components that includes MgO shutters and metal doors. A sheet metal roof over an MgO SIP roof panel locked to the flame-suppressing walls on top of a metal-framed platform is our answer to the threat of fire. Any damaged parts can be easily replaced.

Magnesium Oxide panels will form the surface skin of these structures. Various finishes can be applied to the surface, and it can be painted and textured.

We're looking into using NOCOM by Ameriform fire-resistant, structural floor deck. It will be applied over lightweight sheetmetal framing similar to this image in a nearly non-combustible all mineral and metal GeoComb Fire Shelter Home.

If these models interest you then please fill out the pre-order form. We will keep you informed as the releae date approaches.


All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.