Privacy Policy

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  1. This website stores cookies on your computer's Internet browser. These cookies generated by our website software and other external Vendors are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember your visit. We use this information in order to improve our site and to customize your browsing experience. Our Vendor services use this information for Lead development, as well as analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and on other media.
  2. Newsletter Subscription opt in/out information submitted by visitors is stored in our database and can be deleted by request.
  3. We have stored offline any information you have given us by placing an order or submitting any form on this site. It can be deleted by request.
  4. We will not share, sell, nor disseminate in any other way any information you have submitted to us and/or we have gathered in (1) (2) or (3) without asking personally for your explicit informed opt-in consent except as anonymized reports in confidential and protected communications between our Board of Directors, Partners, or Investors.
  5. Any account information stored online that you have given us can be completely deleted easily by deleting your online account yourself if you have had one created by placing an order or by us for any reason, or by contacting GeoComb Homes for assistance.
  6. Offline records of sales, inquiries, or other communications or transactions will be retained for legal and accounting purposes.
  7. Form submissions are temporarily securely stored online inaccessible to the public, and are automatically deleted monthy.
  8. We use Google Analytics and Hubspot tracking javascript in our sales and marketing tools. Independently from us, these Vendors collect, store, and use information according to their terms and policies under which we and our website visitors agree to be bound.
  9. This Privacy Policy may be updated or expanded without notice at any time. Please check this page regularly.
  10. Your continued use of ths site constitutes your consent to these terms. Welcome!

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