Design + Details

Packable.  Portable.  Simple. 

What is the 'Geocomb Rooms magic' of our ONE-DAY ROOM?


Geocomb Rooms are custom paint-finished portable room kits, ready to use 'out of the box.' Our Tinycomb Model is 120 square feet of open hexagonal space. Your roof, floor, and all 6 walls (made of carriable sections) are fully insulated and weather-tight. Each prefabricated room can be packed up by hand to transport and relocate.


Built like a studio. Technically a shed.

You don't have to sacrifice luxurious quality for ease and simplicity.  

We want to spare you the headache of laying new foundation and the dreaded permitting rigmarole. 

That's why our Tinycomb Model is freestanding, just under 120 sf, and designed as a "utility structure" or "garden shed." 

Permits/Foundations are optional and not required in most places for a single freestanding Tinycomb Room.

All Geocomb Rooms are weather-sealed upon installation, and fully insulated with mineral wool.

Details below ⌵




Each of your 6 walls has an Upper and a Lower section.
Within those sections, your upper and lower walls are broken into three increments: FULL, HALF, and QUARTER Panels.
Lower walls are typically all FULL Panels (except on either side of a door panel.)
Standard window and door panels are HALF Panels.

Below are different examples of kit combinations you might choose.
Use the example kits below, the incremental panel system, and your imagination to explore your perfect kit combination.


Kit combination with two windows, one door, and 3 full wallsKit combination with three windows, one door, and 2 full wallsKit combination with three windows, one door, and 3 full walls

By rearranging the interchangeable panels in your room kit, a single room kit can offer a variety of different configurations!
Adapt and reconfigure your Tinycomb Room whenever you'd like.


  • 6' 9" tall (floor to ceiling when assembled)
  • 4" thick with 3" insulation
  • Upper Wall Panel: 45" Tall 
    Upper Wall Panel sizes: FULL Panel (75" wide,) HALF Panel (36" wide,) QUARTER Panel (18.5" wide) 
  • Lower Wall Panel: 36" Tall
    Lower Wall Panel sizes: FULL Panel (75" wide)


  • 6 insulated triangular panels
  • Interior ceiling: 10' 4" at tall point in center
  • 3" insulation

Platform Floor

  • Three sections
  • Main Section: 6'-9" x 11'-8" 
  • Left/Right Wing Section: 11' long and 2' at wide point
  • Structural (No foundation required! Place on pier blocks or adjustable legs.)
  • 4.5" insulation

ROCKWOOL (mineral wool insulation):

Made from natural stone (basalt rock) and recycled steel slag.
These readily available and sustainable materials make Rockwool more durable, less irritating, and less dusty than fiberglass batt.
High R-values and energy efficiency.
For the same thickness, Rockwool provides a higher R-value, or for a given target R-value, you can use a less thick Rockwool batt choice, making installation more convenient (e.g. Rockwool 3.5” thick = R15 and 5.5” thick = R23 vs. Fiberglass: 3.5” thick = R11 and 5.5” thick = R19.) This means superior insulating strength and much higher energy efficiency for your insulated space.
Moisture resistant.
Rockwool actually repels water, so its R-value is not affected, and it won’t absorb moisture like its competitors. This keeps your insulation spaces dryer, and prevents degradation of the adjoining construction material. It is also completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold, and bacterial growth – contributing to a safer indoor environment.
Fire resistant.
Made from stone, Rockwool can withstand temperatures up to 2150° F.  This helps to delay the spread of fire in a situation where every second counts. The boiling point of a more common fiberglass insulation can average between 1,000 – 1,300ºF (537.7 – 704.4ºC). The average house fire is about 1100ºF, meaning ROCKWOOL can stand up to most dangers within a house fire and give you time to get out.
Rockwool’s steel content keeps rodents out of your insulated space.
Sound absorbant for maximum peace and quiet.
Rockwool is an innovative and high-density insulation that’s specifically designed to absorb sound and reduce noise. Denser than traditional fiberglass insulation, it traps sound waves and vibrations in the thousands of tiny interconnected spaces created by its unique fiber structure. Its density, design, and higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation for a quieter environment.