What is a TinyComb Shed?

A TinyComb Shed is simply a kit comprised of a specific set of parts from Geocomb's TinyComb System.


What is The TinyComb System?

The TinyComb System is an array of various panels and connectors, sold individually or as kits, that work together interchangeably to build and scale. Specifically, it is the components used in our 120 square foot scaleable hexagonal design featured here. (This image depicts customization and upgrade uptions.)


What's in the Kit?

The TinyComb Shed Standard Kit is $16,500 and comprised of 27 incremental panels (wall, window, roof, floor, & door) and 33 total connector components (posts, splines, covers, caps, & crown.)  These lightweight pieces are fully insulated, weather-sealed and elegantly finished before delivery.  The standard assembly is 120 square feet and incudes two windows, one 30"x 80" door, and one electrical floor outlet.

Included in Standard TinyComb Shed Kit:

For $16,500, a standard kit includes a floor, six walls and roof comprised of:

2 Standard Windows (36x42" or 36x36")
1 Standard Door (30x80")
6 Tall Quarter Panels (18¾x45")
2 Short Quarter Panels (18¾x36")
3 Tall Full Wall Panels (75x45")
5 Short Full Wall Panels (75x36")
6 Roof Panels
1 Roof Cap


2 Piece Floor Platform
6 Tall Connector Posts
6 Short Connector Posts (4X36")
2 Tall Connector Spline (1½x45")
6 Short Connector Splines (1½x45")
6 Exterior Corners Covers (5¾x 81")
6 Corner Caps
1 Standard Floor Outlet
Your Choice of Color-


Pannels are 4¼" thick with 3 " Rockwool insulation (Custom options available)

Wall Height: 6'-9"  Ceiling Height: 9 '-6"  (Total Height: 10 '-4")

R Value = 11    (Effective R Value with SIP Design approx. 16)
Floor/Platform is structural and does not require foundation









Each hexagonal TinyComb room is strategically just under 120 square feet so that you won't need a permit. Each component is small and carriable. You won't need expensive cranes or machinery for assembly.




Why Build with SIPs?


  • Energy Efficiency and Air Quality

SIP buildings create an airtight envelope resulting in unrivaled thermal performance. On average, SIP buildings are 3x more energy efficient than traditional timber construction. Their airtightness also offers complete control of ventilation for superior indoor air quality. SIP buildings lack voids and thermal bridging which can cause mold, mildew, and other health risks.

  • Sustainability

SIP construction is considered "green building" because of its greatly low impact on the environment. Not only are SIPs extremely energy efficiency, but they also create a minute level of waste. Material waste is drastically reduced by prefabricating modular panels to exact specifications. like with A TinyComb Shed delivers precisely finished interlocking modular panels which  means a zero waste build site. In contrast, an average of 30% of all materials delivered to a construction site end up in the landfill. 

  • Speed 

A TinyComb Insulated Panel kit eliminates onsite construction. Hyper-modular pieces arrive flat-packed and expertly finished, ready to piece together.  The design process is simple, customization is optional, and assembly takes less than a day.

Select a standard kit or customize it!

Why Is It a Hexagon?

Why a Hexagon?

What's so special about honeycomb?

“There is one masterpiece, the hexagonal cell, that touches perfection. No living creature, not even human, has achieved, in the centre of one's sphere, what the bee has achieved on her own: and if intelligence from another world were to descend and ask of the earth the most perfect creation, I would offer the humble comb of honey.”
~ Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life Of The Bee, 1924


Honeycomb in a hive shaped like a heart.

The Hexagon

 One of the most abundant shapes in the universe.

Here's why...