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Our Mission



Our mission: Make life simply sustainable.
To do this we will bring to the world a design and method for rapid housing that provides affordable homes while leveraging our supply chain power to transform industrial raw fiber sourcing toward hemp in order to 
demonstrate that hemp can and should replace the current use of most tree fiber in commercial and residential building. We aim to eventually build with entirely hemp products and other sustainably sourced materials instead of trees. Industrial hemp grown using Regeratice Agriculture (RA) can become a leading agent reversing climate change worldwide. Hemp, and RA throughout agriculture, are critical to restoring a healthy carbon balance on Earth. Core to our mission is empowering individuals and community through ownership of affordable and dignified personal space that can move and adapt with changing needs. We intend to offer very different breakthrough alternative instantaneous rooms, eventually made from sustainable hemp products and other renewable carbon negative solutions. Most important to us is cultivating an earth friendly and sustainable business model based on locally owned production facilities networked with local businesses to supply homes designed to enable each of us to live comfortably and regenerate the biosphere. We are committed to abundance and empowerment for the community and all life on our planet.


We have a vision of our world on the path to healing and regeneration.  



--Geocomb Homes "Building with Hemp"
TinyFest Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton CA





A sustainable future is ours to build.


The Founders


James is well known locally as one of Santa Barbara and Montecito’s finest finish carpenters. With over 40 years experience in the industry, from drafting and architecture to site management and all levels of construction, his specialty is upscale finish-carpentry. That's why he's been trusted with even the most skill intensive projects.

James Spitzer CEO/COO . I saw right away that the beauty and grace of the design would be in their simple versatility as much as their multifaceted honeycomb shape. Assemble them into countless beautiful architectural forms for a multitude of uses. It is a game changer in these times for us and the Earth. I'm glad to be able to put my skills into service for the future and housing transformation.


Cofounded with Ayla. When she is not building tiny homes or other things Geocomb, you can find her enjoying time with her girlfriend, at home or exploring outside.  She may be singing or writing/playing music, or diving into her next book/audiobook.  Dear to her heart is her past work as a teaching assistant in Early Kindergarten at an amazing local school.

Ayla Armstrong CRO Hi! I am Ayla. Since I was a child I knew I had a role to play in shifting humankind's relationship with the earth and her resources.  I was born and raised in Santa Barbara. Becoming part of the Geocomb team changed my life by inspiring certainty that the power to collectively change course lies in our hands.  It is waiting for nothing but us to rise to the occasion. It ignites my passion to be immersed in the extraordinary community that is on fire bringing about awareness and change in the way we build, live, and impact our world. It has been gratifying to create a business model that addresses not only our region’s housing needs and disaster relief but the bigger challenges facing the planet.  I'm here to take part in bridging the wisdom and experience from the past with passionate optimism for the future.