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TinyComb Homes are fully insulated, sound resistant, and finished with elegance. You don't have to sacrifice luxurious quality for ease and simplicity. Looking for a unique and customizable solution?

TinyComb Shelters are simple and adaptable - out of the box.


Instant. Private. Comfortable.







Each hexagonal TinyComb is strategically under 120 square feet. This means you won't need permits in California and most places in the U.S. as a single, free-standing garden shed or utility structure. 

Walls are 6' 9" tall and 4" thick with 3" insulation. 

Triangular roof panels create a vaulted ceiling nearly 10 feet high for a spacious open feel.

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Simple to Reconfigure, Remove, or Relocate.






Your kit is composed of prefabricated modular sections and connectors. The pieces work together interchangeably so you can arrange and reconfigure your kit room any number of times without damage.

The design is so simple you could bring it anywhere. You'll just need a few able-bodied people to assemble.  Watch as it comes together like a 3D puzzle. Just bring your wrench (included in each TinyComb Kit) and ladder! 

Modular Corners




Outside corners are fitted with a cap to match your design. What makes a TinyComb unlike any other shed or tiny home is that you may connect multiple rooms together in any number of custom patterns laid out within a hexagonal honeycomb grid. Simply remove any exterior corner cover and replace it with connecting walls instead.

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Easy to assemble in just a few hours.


Installing Quarter Panels


The rapid and easy assembly of TinyComb Homes is what makes them so special. Until you see it for yourself, it's hard to imagine the fun and simplicity.

Interlocking geometric shapes slide and lock together like life-sized LEGO or Lincoln Logs. Assembly time takes less than one day and usually takes just a few hours.

Smaller pieces can be carried single handedly while larger panels require 2 people. Each component will fit through a door or gate to be easily brought into place.



The TinyComb!

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A TinyComb Home is delivered as a kit with detailed instructions ready for you to assemble. Your design is chosen by selecting from a specific set of options. The TinyComb System is a set of various parts that fit together interchangeably to build and design however you decide to arrange them.

Important: TinyComb Homes are utility structures that do not include provisions for cooking or plumbing. They are not certified for residential use. Larger kits are available to allow you to combine cells into larger utility buildings, although once you connect multiple rooms together you are exceeding 120 square feet. You may then need to apply for a utility structure permit for permanent use in your location. We can provide details of our design in that case for your Architectural Designer to submit for engineering calculations to include in your building documents. Modification costs to conform to local building codes will be included in our quotes for these packages as specified in your final approved plans.


Ways you can use your TinyComb!




Curious to explore? Ready for a quote?  Begin by telling us a few things below. Maybe you feel like sharing ideas that TinyComb inspires when you think of your dreams and all the possibilities — whatever you can envision for using it — we would love to know that, too! Whether you are loving the idea and just want to leave a comment below or ready to consider an order, it's free and easy to get started! We'll set up a call to go over the details of your ideas with you to confirm your quote.

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